BF4 Bumpy road continues..

The drama continues with our favorite new title..  The servers are on patch "R10" as of this writing.  They went from 1 to 5 in 4 days, stayed at 6 for a couple days, 7 came out and hundreds of server hosts reported non-stop crashing and from yesterday evening till this writing they have advanced to R10.  Oddly, DICE usually offers "minimal" output in terms of what they've been "Fixing", other than a generic blanket statement "improving server stability, bettering the experience" is usually what they say.  For R8-10, they've not said a word.

Today (11/14/13) the PC edition is getting a client update.  As of this writing, they are not releasing what was changed on the PC client end.  Their official statement reads "PC game update is now live!
Details on what the patch includes will be posted in a couple of hours."

We'll see.  How's the experience been for you?

Also wondering if the Commander App (iTunes AND Android) is still being released on schedule..  It was slated for an 11/19 release, but with all the other issues plaguing BF4, one wonders if they will pile onto the mess yet another potential catastrophe  in the making, or wait till all the other major issues get ironed out.  No one wants another Rockstar "iFruit" debacle...  It's just terrible press and exposure..


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