Nov. Server Fees

Well, we're on R11 of the server release, and seems more stable than the past releases..  Procon and B3 both have been regularly updating their files to bring admin'ing and operations up to a stable standard and things seem pretty smooth on both of those platforms, minus the MULTIBalancer issues still.

     It is time, however, to bring up the ever delicate issue of funding :(  Server dues have come..  Need $30, hoping for $50 (get some buffer in for next month).  Any more greatly appreciated, anything you can offer will really help, even $5.  As I mentioned when we started the seed fund for BF4, it only takes a tiny bit from each member, it's just getting the masses to realize that.  While large donations are lovely and all, ANY amount will help the cause :)  Please consider donating today!  (donation link on main website page )

   Thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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