cKs to get bf3 server once again

A generous member has filled the kitty with enough funds to put up a 3 month'er of bf3!  So first, a hearty thank you for the generous donation goes to him! :-)  The server will be up by Saturday, and wil have the info listed here.  It will be hardcore, big maps +the new expansion pack when it hits in a few days.  Hopefully we can rally the troops, get the word out to others and get it going strong!  I would also like to put the word out now that we are accepting donations for the next set of three months for those who are able.  

The usual suspects will be running for in-game admin and extenal admin (for those with android/apple) rcon tools.  Will also be looking at some of the newer addons for in-game map vote etc, as desired.

As you all know, getting it going is the hard part.  I ask, beg, wish that you all don't give in to the common instant full server desire, and instead try to get ours seeded and started up.  I know it's hard sometimes, I get it.  In order for us to grow and remain healthy as a clan, we need to make as best an effort as we can.  More to come as available.

UPDATE 9/8/12:

Us on Battlelog (as of this writing):

The actual game server IP is, a search for Christian Key Smashers should pull it up just fine.  For those who rcon, it will be set up and tweaked/updated throughout the day (9/8).  For those who remote in via Procon Droid/Apple, the same with port 27361 will be used unless otherwise noted later, and may need a reverification by me to gain entry to the system (as it is a new server).  Contact me for details ;)

Additional information