Results of the Gathering of the Minds

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First off, I'd like to bring to the forefront Monte and BBD.  Although Monte stepped away, it was his fire and desire to get something going that spurred us all, and BBD played just as important a part.  I with Monte the best, he was the 1st "member" to join us, err, join the split from the original clan, and will always be welcome back (hint hint, lol).  That said, I'd also like to give a warm welcome back to BBD, who is bringing himself back to the group along with a strong passion to light some fires under us :)

I'd also like to apologize to ya'll.  .As some of the positions here were vacated, I never really fought to get them filled and "keep things going".  I mean, I thought I did.  After a lot of great advice on ideas for our group, I sat back last night, both on TS and afterwards thinking of the last few years that we've been struggling.  I thought about all the messages I had posted about this or that, realizing in the back of my mind more needed to be done.  Well, more IS going to be done.  In the coming weeks I'm going to be revamping several things, and we're gonna get cKs back on track, big time.  I won't bore you with the details, but I'll give a short teaser in the forum post "back on track!", for those who want to read.  Additionally, part of the changes are going to include member support/roles, that were once a cornerstone to how we ran things and kept busy. 

I'd like to thank everyone who was able to attend the meeting, and again, a personal shot out to Monte and BBD.  To those who couldn't make it, or didn't realize there was one, so sorry, it was a spur of the moment thing.  We are going to make this a habit though, with a goal being monthly "town hall" meetings, and there will be email notification, possibly txt notifications, and of course website notices further in advance.  Thanks for your time, see ya online :)