Come One Come All to the cKs Clan / Match Night

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To all cKs folks who are registered with us this should be of interest to you.  Starting Sunday December 16th @ 9:30 EST we are starting a cKs clan / gaming night.  It will be a match between cKs members and all non-members who would like to join us.  You will be put into squads and play as a squad during the match.  If you have enough friends, and would like to form your own squad or all ready have a squad that is great.  If any of you have squad leader experience and would like to lead one of these squads,  please post in the forums under BF3, and the title Sunday night match night.  For anyone who has questions / comments please post in the BF3 topic and sub title Sunday night match night.

You will need to be in our team speak by 9:30 pm EST in the general channel.  There you will be assigned to a squad and a squad channel.

We’re excited about this new format and are looking forward to a GREAT evening of fun.

See you all in the battle field