WOW WOW WOW was Sunday Evenings Match Night Fun!

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Our Clan Night Match was a Fantastic Event!!!!

The server was full or all most full for a good part of the evening creating a lot of excitement among our members.  And by playing the Vanilla maps it allowed everyone with out the map packs to join in on the fun.  I have spoken with a few members and it was decided to have a repeat of Vanilla maps for next week.  We will mix up the game types a little more to spice it up a bit.

Thanks to all who joined us!



If your visiting our web site and like what you see and want to join us in our matches, see the "Join ~cKs~"  link to the left on the main page.  Were always open to new members!

(from Rooster)

P.S.S:  We have an announcement in regard to this past week's vanilla community event - Stay tuned for more info