Thanks to all who played in Sundays clan night

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We were able to average 14 to 16 players on the server last night and game play was good.  Seemed the games were very short as like the tickets were turned way down.  Will need to check into that.  Fellowship was great and we even had 1 player ask if we had room in our clan for him.

Next week we will have a 4 map rotation.  I will get the maps to you shortly.  We all need to practice these maps and develop a squad tactical strategy for those maps.  The squad who wins the most rounds this Sunday will get there names on the front page for 1 week till the following match.

I will get a sign up post in the forums for those who want to be in matches.  There will be practice times and strategy planning required for those interested in being a part of ~cKs~ matches against other clans.

See you in battle

~cKs~ BBD