Sunday's Community Event!! (2/10/13)

Hey There Key Smashers!

Last night on TeamSpeak, a couple of our members had an interesting idea, that I thought might be fun.


Many of us chugging along at getting "Achievements" for various reasons (100% the game, unlock that cool gadget/gun/tag etc), and often we play roles we don't necessarily like or enjoy to put a dent in that dream.

This Sunday is "Achievement Awareness Day" on the cKs server.  We're going to get on TeamSpeak and call out what we'd like.  Need F2000 kills?  Say so - That round will be F2000's only making it "easier" (or at least a level playing field) to get your goal completed.  Remember though - Everyone has their own needs, so no bailing just cuz you got your first achievement, stick it out, have fun, and work towards more!!


The goal in case you missed it is to work together, yet against each other to get some of those achievements unlocked.


There may even be an EOD battle, or other wacky-ness going on!  (mortars only??)  Let your mind wander!!


Hope to see ya there - All day, any day Sunday.  (Expect most bodies at the usual time, of course, 8pmEST and beyond)




P.S:  There is plenty of discussion about the competitive team forming in the forums - PLEASE drop by and join the discussions on that and everything else!!

P.S.S:  If you are a cKs member and did NOT get this same post via e-mail, contact Rooster via website PM or email and let me know!

P.S.S.S:  WOTC Members who've joined cKs - If you don't see your name in our members Roster and don't see the member's Only Forum area, you also need to get with me to finish getting you set up! :)  Thanks in advance!!

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