More people, more fun!

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Didn't really know what to title this one..


   After a brief stint elsewhere, Gadget and Urielone have decided to tag back up with cKs, bringing great happiness back to the community here!  With them, as you'll note, also comes a BF3 Server.

The monthly on is is slightly higher than our normal, but that's because it's not under the cks account.  We considered changing it, but it's been really popular, and we all decided it was in the best interest of server popularity to leave things be.  As such, I ask all regulars and cKs members to consider clicking on the BF3 "CLANPAY" button in the donation area to contribute directly to the BF3 server.  Like I say, it's been really popular, played on it just last night and today for several hours, and mid-day there are 20 people on!!  Stats show great activity, which is a true blessing.  Don't be afraid if the clanpay status shows enough to cover the month, we'd LOVE to jack it up to a 32 man server possibly, and can't do it without your help!