Website Down / Upgrade coming/in-progress

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With a bout of activity hitting the website, this may be the best, or worst time to do this but..

...Our website framework is outdated.  It has been for awhile, but I've been running under a 'don't mess with what isn't broke' mentality with the site for awhile, while other projects of mine continually receive updates.  Part of this was the whole 'website running slow' thing, with no lead at the time, even the 'new test' site I put up ran the same, so upgrading at that point didn't make sense.  That problem was resolved well over a month ago, however, so that excuse no longer applies, and I feel it's time to bite the bullet and do what I fear - Updating just about every component of this site to it's "newest and latest" version, aka my nightmare.  Often things like this go perfectly fine in a closed (test) environment, but when you put it out there in the real world, unexpected, random issues arise.  My intent is for that NOT to happen (doh), but..  If you notice the website offline, or not acting right - Best to just look the other way, until you see an announcement about the upgrade being complete!  Thanks in advance for your patience..  If all goes well....  You'll probably not even notice it (sadly), unless I throw in a template change or something dramatic.  That's the goal..

I am cross-posting this on the main page, on the forums, and on our Facebook so all outlets are covered!  Thanks and wish me luck :)