TS Outtage / BF3 Outtage

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Update #3:  Guess I should point out the issue has been fixed as of last night it seems - Server is back online and kicking :)  Come join the fun!!

Update #2:  Uri msgd me in TS last night and let me know the host informed him our BF3 server is down for a reason they don't know and "can't fix quickly".  This seems to mean there is a hardware failure with the physical server.  They did give the option to move to a new machine, but they will not move our IP with it (for some unknown reason) which we don't want..  ETA is currently unknown at this time.


TS Back and running.  Our game server is not, however - And I don't have any info on that whatsoever :(  Host isn't saying there's an issue with BF3's location.

From our host:

 We are currently experiencing an outage in our Dallas facility. A technician is looking into the issue and we will provide an update once one is available. We do not have an ETA on restoration of service as there is insufficient information available until the technician reports back.