Status Update

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Hey there Key Smashers!  It's been awhile since there's been a major news update, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to let you know (what I know) is going on!

We're all over the place right now, which is fine.  Representing on several games across multiple platforms!  While I get messages from time to time about whose playing on console systems, I'm mainly going to address the heart and blood, PC games.

I've updated the images area to the far left as well to offer a quick visual for visitors, so if what you're playing isn't over there, fire me a forum post, or reply to this article down below :)

Star Wars: The Old Republic 

Getting plenty of play from some of our members!  Post on the forums to get them to tell ya where their at in the Galaxy to join up and game with them!

Minecraft PE (Android/ iOS):

We are running a small, experimental Pocket Edition server.  It runs on both Android and iOS platforms, and runs 24/7.  Support for it can be found (or created) in the Digland forum section here.

Minecraft PC: 

Lots to say here.. 

DigLand #1 - still up and running strong for 1.7.9/1.7.10 clients.

DigLand #4 - A new, small server running 1.8 Vanilla (no mods, no plugins as there aren't any servers for it yet)

Remember - If you've upgraded to 1.8 it doesn't matter, you can select ANY client version you want, make profiles for each version for ease all from the stock launcher OR using a custom launcher like Magic Launcher. 

Space Engineers: 

One of my sons, when not playing Minecraft has taken up Space Engineers, which we (unsurprisingly) also offer a server for.  Space Engineers could be called a super fancy 'minecraft' in space game, though it's nothing like minecraft at all (a game called StarMade is, however FYI).  It's is a sandbox building game.  I do highly re3commend it, all three of my kids bought it after seeing the first one buy it, but buyer beware the game is still a work in progress, considered "Early Access".  Course this also means it's cheaper than it will be someday...  But yeah..  Lots of fun to be had, and heartbreak, too!

Borderlands 2 / Pre-Sequel: 

Bunch of players been on this one, self included when I've been able.  Pre-Sequal (the latest in the series of 3) dropped on shelves recently and very popular, but so is BL2!!  No dedicated servers for this one, just hop in game, and look for any of us in game to join. 

Battlefield 4: 

It's userbar might be bigger than the rest by default, but the game has grown old for many, but NOT all!  There are still proud cKs'ers pounding this title frequently.  I myself am taking a break as the base game plus 2 or 3 of the expansions take up my ENTIRE SSD drive leaving no room for the remaining expansions. Nonetheless there are members active on it!

Diablo III: 

There are a couple DIablo III players lurking around, too.  They are enjoying the fairly recent expansion pack, which brings plenty of welcome changes to the game.  To link up with these guys, look for them in-game, after you are buddies :) 

I'm sure to have excluded titles being played, so if I did, and you want to let us know, drop a comment and list the forgotten game!!  See ya on the battlefield, regardless of the game :)