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     H1Z1, the latest zombie survival game to come down the pike - As I mentioned in the forums, it's made by the (awesome) gang who made Star Wars Galaxies (SWG).  I personally am fully commuted to the game just based on the dev team alone.  So far there's about 4 of us playing this.  I know it's no Battlefield game, but I'm posting this in the main news area hoping to drum up some interest within our group!  It's been a long time since (I) got some gaming time in, and would love to see a bunch of you get on board with this title.  If not, no worries, you'll be the ones we feast on when the outbreak hits :)

See the forums, but there is an official cKs map (with way-points for cKs related stuff, good loot areas, etc, and the actual game website is of course, 

I will note as I did in the forums, it IS a per-release "Early Adopters Alpha) stage game - It is fully functional but things are changing and being improved all the time.  It is a MMO-RPG style game so it's not a 10-10, it up to thousands v thousands :)  If you're not THRILLED about it, I will also tell you early adopter gets you in now, and possibly some bonus goods HOWEVER, when the game goes retail, it WILL be a free-to-play style game (with micro transactions options). 

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