Minecraft server hub

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Hey all.  Many of you used to play on the minecraft server my son and I ran which we called 'the castle' server years ago.  Interest was lost both by the cKs group who played on it, as well as my kids.  Fast forward a while.  We actually have had the server going this whole time, and it's changed a lot...

The biggest change is that it's no longer one server - We run about 6-8 depending on interest.  The new "server" is a server hub.  One place you connect to and from there in-game, join our other servers.  Some are mini-game servers, some are themed, one of course is the Castle Server (Digland it was called I believe externally to ya'll) and our newest work in progress is Called Game of Camelot (GoC).  GoC is going to be a Role-Play server.

While we welcome any of you to return (or come for the first time), I was hoping to possibly get some help with this new one.

GoC is a RP server (means you talk as your character, etc).  But there's a ton of stuff to do on it still before we want to open it to the public.  This includes making custom items in-game (altering recipes for some things, making new items, etc), building up couple cities, villages, areas of interest, creating quests and missions, and creating custom mobs (and placing them in-game).  You don't need to know how to do this stuff, we can teach ya, or learn together in some cases, rofl.  And of course, testers to experiment and test the quests, and customized game mechanics (harvesting/farming system, economy, etc).. 

If this sounds like anything you'd be up for, fire off a comment on here, and / or point your web browser at digland.enjin.com.  (point minecraft at deadcowz.homeip.net no port needed)..  We'd love to see ya return once again and see what's the same and different :) As always TS still up and running too..