Missing out on all the buzz?

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This is your call-out!  If you haven't been by our wildly popular CTF server, take a little time and swing by and get involved!  The server has been climbing up the ranking ladder off the charts, and it's thanks to many of our dedicated members as well as our valued regulars to keep the place hopping!  Day or night swing by, only takes a handful to get it going if it's not already, and believe me, it gets going quick and before you know it, it's full (w00t!)  It's a great situation to be in!


If you are a regular, you're by no means obligated - we value your time spent with us, not your money - but if you can and want to donate a bit to help with costs, linkage is on the side (clan servers payment program link).  Feel free!

If you frequent our server, you'll notice the TS info posted in-game (as well as here on the site, right column also) - Why not drop by and take past in the best possible BF3 enhancement tool out there:  Live comms (like BF2 featured many years ago, yet EA couldn't figure out how to get it in BF3??)  We're all about the game and the Lord!  You don't have to be, all we ask is ya be mindful of what ya say and keep it G/PG rated, just like in-game typing :)  Whether you want to plan strategies, work together as a squad, or just chat there's a channel for you!  See ya on soon!