A new BF3 Server

[Global broadcast on site+FB]

     Our CTF Server has been massively popular, there's no doubting that!  It has accumulated the right mix to bring just about the perfect atmosphere in terms of balance and fun.  Even in a time where BF3 is starting to show some signs of wear, and in the dead of summer, where traditionally gaming/gamers are usually at an all-time low, we have been thriving.  So to all of you who've sweated the hours away working on that, and getting the server going, and rolling with the fun (and rough) times (depending on which team you're on, lol), I can't thank you enough!

     A good friend, and now new member recognized a problem, however, and stepped up to do something about it.  What if you don't want to play CTF all the time?!!?  I mean, it's fun, but it's sort of like playing Metro 24/7, right?  You can only take so much of it!  Well, as a result, I'm proud to announce that cKs has an official second server, one whose goal is to run mixed types and fill that gap!  Please add this server to your fav's if you haven't already and know when you want to get your BF3 on, there are now TWO great choices out there for a family-friendly server to play on!

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