BF3 CTF Server gone, BF4 coming soon!

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For those of you who don't read the forums ("Recent Posts" is your friend) the fella who had the BF3 server in his name shut it down in preperation of the BF4 server.  I've yet to get ahold of him online yet, but I had thought (as you can read on the forum) that we had agreed to run it with one month of crossover between BF3/BF4 for those not jumping over.  Guess he decided not to do it that way after all, it's not in my court, and it's already shut down so the IP will be gone anyway.  It wasn't on the cKs account and it was out of my hands.  That will not be the case with the BF4 server, however.  As you may recall, the BF3 server came to us when a couple fellas split off briefly and came back - Their server with the CTF settings that rocked was on their account, and we were faced with starting a server all over again (0 ranking) or running with theirs, which was highly popular (up till the BF$ beta release anyway).  That's all I know of the subject :)

Our BF4 server, as announced previously, is all set and will be online/live by launch day.  Server settings/config are still a hot topic of discussion in the forums - Please drop by and voice your opinions/thoughts.  It will be run the same way in that anyone who wants access will get it, but can't set any of that up yet till the server is online :)

Till that time, take this week to enjoy some Minecraft (lol), Borderlands 2, or Stronghold Kingdoms, a game many of your members secretly play (or not so secretly!!)