DigLand #1 July Event Live!

That's right everyone!  The July event is active!  Jump on in the game and start looking for your clues - They are on signs hidden in the Hunger Games Arena - So bring someone with you, and watch your back while searching!  All bets are off in the arena, so beware hunting, as others will still be hunting you!

Once you've found the clues, begin your search around the world for the items.

Play fair!  Each location has a finite amount of items - Take ONE and ONLY one, and move on.

Help will be offered as time passes here on the forums to keep it fair.. Please do NOT ask in-game for help - It must remain fair to all who want to play.

Good luck, and have a good time hunting!!!

Edit (8-1-14)

     After almost an entire month, we finally have ONE person who finished the event!  Coming in at 1st place:  MTXPrincess!!  Congrats to you!  Four more prize positions still available!

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