[SWG]Star Wars Galaxies anyone?

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Star Wars Galaxies...  What can I say about this game..  It was an epic masterpiece.  Up until it's young brother came along, and LucasArts pulled the license from Sony on it, to avoid competition for SWTOR...  Well, for years there have been projects emulating the earlier era of SWG (known as Pre-CU/Pre-NGE).  At last however, a project that I've had my eye on for many a year is shaping up, and actually has a dedicated server to test.  I'm running a server, and would like to invite any cKs(whether you wear the tag still or not, rofl) or anyone who's hung with us, you know who you are to join us in testing out this server.  You'll need to post a reply on here or PM me (if the PM system is working rofl) to get an account, and the login information. 

The server is configured to emulate the test center from the old days.  This means there is a blue frog to aid you in getting up and running in-game, but you still have to earn most your stuff..  It's a big work in progress, so some things will work better than others, but I'm optomistic about this dev team. 

Any questions, just fire away.