November Rains

Well, not here in Arizona, rofl :)  As many of you are enjoying the changing of the colors, I've been hunting for some cool server code.  Like many, I have these little kiddos who aren't quite up to the challenge of your AAA rated FPS like BF3.  Nope, they want the 'easier' stuff, lol.  Since my youngest boy recently broke his arm and was consequently unable to finish his baseball season (although we still go to cheer on the team, and he has become a 3rd base coach, woot!!) I've been working on setting up a new game server here at the house.  The game is called, "Manic Digger" and yes, it is a clone of another wildly popular game.  Details for it are in the forum post, "Manic Digger Anyone?".  If ya like messing around or want to see what all the fuss is, hop on over and check it out.  Currently we have what they call a 'Creative' server - Going to be throwing up a War server as well eventually..

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