Come One Come All Join The cKs Clan Match Night!


I’ve been trying to get this written for over a week now and with Christmas coming and the too do list handed to me,  time has been short.

Starting Sunday Dec 9th @ 8PM Eastern Standard Time we will have our first official clan night / match among cKs members and anyone else from the forums who would like to join us.  It will be cKs playing against non cks members. (if we have enough people)  We will start with a cKs members meeting to get the necessary details put together.  Plan on game play no later than 9PM Eastern Standard Time.  We need squad captains who have some experience in this type of game play.  They will then train noobs like me to work in a team environment. After a month or so of practice, (February time frame?) we will start inviting other Christian clans to matches with us. 

With all the time zones it’s hard to get everyone together at the same time.  The idea is to get started and as people need to leave. the later arrivals can fill in the open slots giving everyone a chance to play.

If you have ideas please post them in the forums under Competitive play for members or non members please use the bf3 post.

Blessings to all


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