~cKs~ || Christian Key Smashers About Us

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Christian Key Smashers is Christian-based community for all to enjoy fellowship and Christian gaming. Our website and game servers provide a family-friendly place for you (and your children) to enjoy spending time without worrying about foul language and all those things you dislike about "regular" game servers out there. It is our goal to ensure everyone has a great time and enjoys their stay. You don't have to be a Christian to enjoy playing on our server, though you do have to be one to join ~cKs~ :)

cKs was co-founded by Resurrection, aka Res, and Rooster aka [MTX]Rooster. We are currently recruiting, whether you are a serious gamer looking for TWL action, or a casual leisure gamer who plays when you have time. We currently offer servers for any popular game our clan desires a server for, and have the provisions to successfully deploy pretty much any server the group would like to see down the road. Also note we are a general games group, not tied to any specific game. Please see the Join ~cKs~ link if you would like to join us! In the meantime, you can post and reach us by using the website forums. Thanks!

Why Key Smashers?  What's that mean??  In short, it's slang for banging away on the keyboard, similar to "button smashers" which references console gaming games where you bang away on the buttons as fast as you can :)  We don't condone the smashing and destruction of keys in any way!!