~cKs~ || Christian Key Smashers Member Rules

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Membership rules are unfortunately a requirement to keep things in order.  As most of you know and have observed, we run a friendly, easy-going community.  These rules should be fairly obvious, but again, need to be declared nonetheless!  That said, members of cks of any age, pending approval, all agree to the following declarations:

* Members will acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior (or respect our beliefs)

* Members must carry themselves in a mature manner.

* Members will ALWAYS treat fellow members and non-members with respect at all times

* Members will respect the rules and do their part to enforce them.  With the exception of Recruits and under 15’s, every member has the ability to ‘K’ick/’B’an game server offenders.  You must be sure, without a doubt, you are in the presence of an offender.  Nothing worse than booting someone you suspect is cheating without KNOWING it.  Makes us look really bad, and casts a “sore loser” image upon our clan.

* Members will be understanding and polite at all times.  If someone breaks a game rule they will not punish right away, but instead remind the offender of the infraction.  Only after an offense has been repeated "excessively' (use your discretion) shall a punishment be executed.  In BF3, for instance, you can ‘!w’ players to let them know they are doing something that is disallowed.  This should be done prior to kick, with the exception of a repeat offender who is clearly doing it on purpose to start trouble.

* Members shall wear the proper tags in the games they play, where applicable.

cKs approved tags are as follows:

~cKs (or |cKs|) = A member of cKs!

~cKsR~ (or |cKsR|) = A new member of cKs who is within the 30 day, new member status.

~cKsY~ (or |cKsY|) = A Youth member of cKs (under 18).

* Member dues are still not a requirement, but donators will gain the following:

A non-contributing member will have minimal admin rights. (kick/ban)

A contributing member of $5 to $10 a month will be granted basic admin rights.

A contributing member of $11 a month or more will be granted full admin rights.

* Members involved in competitions will be expected to meet practice/event schedules.

* Members will be encouraged to participate in non-competition events to keep active and partake in clan and clan-to-clan events (scrimmages, etc)

* Members will always have the option to take a more active role within the group as they desire.

* Existing *ACTIVE* members will be treated as founders as of Dec.31st.  All new members from that date will be still be eligible for votes and considered part of the decision making process.  Founders have more ‘pull’ and say when it comes to the day-to-day operations and activities and are welcome to lead or request to lead in areas regarding cKs.   

Members are expected to check their PoP3 cKs mail account, or ensure that Rooster has an accurate and correct mail forward address for forwarded cKs mail account (depending on which type you chose!) at all times.  This is used for both important notifications.

* Members who without notice or otherwise informing us wind up inactive will have attempts to contact them at their registered email and/or “Instant Messaging” applications (Xfire/Steam/Origin etc) made to find out their status.  We all have to take breaks from time to time.  It’s important to the active members that the roster remains up to date and populated with other active members.  This is not about whether you play ‘the hot game’ at the time, it’s more about whether you’re around at all.  If you don’t reply to the contact attempt, you will be placed on the A.W.O.L. list for a period of 6 months.  If we do not hear from you within that time, you will cease to be a member of cKs.  (You may always re-apply at any time). 

Membership is more than wearing a tag - It is a rite of passage and a commitment to Fellowship with others and work through Him in our community.