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Christian Key Smashers

Community Membership Application

Preface:  Please read over this portion prior to filling out an application.

Hello there.  First off, we appreciate you wanting to join us.  One of the pillars that make us the diverse, fun-loving clan that we are is also one of the things that set us apart from many clans.  We want you to put time in.  Play on our servers, participate in our forums, and join us in our TeamSpeak3 server.  Why, you ask?  cKs isn't just about bodies occupying a "clan".  It's a community.  Everyone isn't going to get along all the time, that's part of life.  But spending time with us will give you an idea of what we're all about, which, if we're being honest, is something YOU should be just as interested in as us.  I know you'll like what ya see here, I'm proud to say we've got a great gaming group that I could not be prouder of :)  And whether you choose us or not, I urge you never to join a clan on the 1st day you meet them, for your own good.

So that said, I would ask that you take the time and do just that.  It's almost like walking into a Church and immediately declaring yourself a member or something along those lines.  We do hope you take us up on this offer and start participating with us.  If you do so, and you see whether or not we're a good fit, so to speak, we would have no problem moving on with the application process. 

1. If you have not already, please register on the forums here.

2.  Fill out an application and turn it in.

3.  Go into the forums and introduce yourself to everyone.  Name, age, hobbies, in school, married, kids etc.

4.  A ~cKs~ recruiter will process your application and notify you when things are all set up for you and give you permission to put on appropriate cKs tags that apply to you.  Continue on with the process listed here to decrease the wait time for your application.

5.  You need to be in Team Speak when you are gaming in our server if possible.  This gives us a chance to know you and verify you are a good fit for cKs.  We will be watching to see that your manners conform to cKs standards as well as your personality fits with cKs.  If you cannot get on ‘TS’, it doesn’t lower your chances at becoming a member, but it will slow the process down a bit.  TS is one of the tools we use to gauge what type of person you are, and since it’s live and real, it speeds things up that much more.  Not using it, we will have to rely on what you ‘type’ in game, which, as we all know, people talk more and type less, hence the longer delay!

6.  No foul language or insinuations of, or bashing of members or guests will be tolerated in cKs (in-game, TS or in the forums!)  This will result in non-compliance of the Membership Rules Agreement and could result in a loss of membership or suspension/loss of admin rights.

7.  We expect you to respect our beliefs even if they are not your own and that you act accordingly as a member. 

(School-age potential members include the following rules):

8.  We will accept members under the age of 18 years of age.  No admin rights will be granted below the age of 16.

9.  We expect you to have your home work done before you start gaming here at cKs.

10. Your family comes first. Always obey your parents. If they ask you to stop gaming and spend time with the family you need to do so.

11.  All new applicants are required to go through a 30 day waiting period.  This gives us a chance to watch your playing style, to see that you’re respectful to members and other players and you are a good fit for cKs. (SEE STEP 5!!)

12.  After you become a member there will be a 30 day waiting period before any admin rights will be granted.  During this time you will identify yourself in-game and TS with an ‘R’ after your tag, eg, ~cKsR~<your name>.  After 30 the day waiting period, admin rights will be granted as follows.

A non-contributing member will have minimal admin rights. (kick/ban)

A contributing member of $5 to $10 a month will be granted basic admin rights.

A contributing member of $11 a month or more will be granted full admin rights.

We are excited to have you as a member here at cKs


Your ~cKs~ Management team


~cKs~ Thanks you for your interest in membership here.  Please be sure you have read the Membership Rules prior to applying and comply with them.  You will need to copy/paste/fill out and save this to your mail/document program, fill it out, and E-mail it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.subject "Membership Application" for consideration.  You will be contacted with further instructions once your application has been reviewed.  This could take up to a week so please be patient.

Your Information

1.  Are you 18 or older? Click here to enter text.

2. Preferred member name:  Click here to enter text.

2a. Current Xfire/Steam/Origin/(Other) profile names:  Click here to enter text.

Click here to enter text.  Click here to enter text.

Click here to enter text.

2b. Please list an email address you can be contact at (can be the one you sent the application from):  Click here to enter text.

2c. You will be given a clan mail address. 

          POP3/webmail gives you a <yourmembername>@christiankeysmashers.com

          address which you can log into on your own.

Forwarded gives you the same clan account address, but all mail is forwarded to the address listed in 2b.


Would you prefer: Choose an item.

2d. What time zone do you reside in?  Click here to enter text.

2e. Have you created an account on our website forums yet, and if so, is your member name there the same as in item 2 on this application?  (if you haven’t yet, you will be required to create an account on the site!)  Click here to enter text.

2f. Are there any other common names/identities you use in games?

Click here to enter text.

Gaming Information

3.  Please list the common titles you play:

Click here to enter text.                                                                                  

4.  Are you willing to complete in league play (ex. TWL), or prefer to be a casual gamer? (Note - If interested in TWL play, you need to be able to be committed to practicing with the group)    Choose an item.

4a.  (Answer only if you are interested in TWL)  Are you currently signed up with TWL or any other online gaming league for play in any game?  Choose an item.

4b.  (Answer only if you are interested in TWL)  What type of role do you see yourself in?  A "regular Joe" (good soldier, follows commands), a "broken arrow" (good soldier but goes off and does his own thing), or a "clear-cut commander" (give orders, heh, no problem, I know how to lead troops!)?  Click here to enter text.

5.  We are mainly focused on FPS online games, but certainly not limited to them.  List any MMO's or non-fps genre games you enjoy and would seek finding fellow members in:   Click here to enter text.

Gaming History

6.  Would anyone at ~cKs~ recommend you, if so, who?

  Click here to enter text.

7.  What clans/guilds have you previously been with?

Click here to enter text.

7a. Are you currently with another group?  If so why are you leaving?

  Choose an item.

8.  What would the people who know you best online (or in real life) have to say about you?Click here to enter text                                                                                                .

9.  What do you look for in a clan/guild/gaming community?

Click here to enter text.        

The Most Important Part

10.  Are you a Christian? (if yes, skip to 11)   Choose an item.

10a. If not, that’s okay.  We all were there once, and it’s nothing that will stop you from becoming a member.  We do need to ask though..  Are you comfortable respects our views and beliefs, and carrying yourself in a respectful manner?  (I know, it sounds silly, right, but whether you’re a Christian or not, you will be representing us, and you need to understand that!)  Choose an item.

11.  Is there anything else, not covered that you feel we should know?

Click here to enter text.