~cKs~ || Christian Key Smashers Server Rules

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These are the rules for all servers affiliated with cKs, including, but not limited to the TeamSpeak server, the COD4 server, and this website.  They are in no particular order..

٠ Respect ALL players equally whether ~cKs~ members or not

٠ Do not claim to be ~cKs~ if you are not, this includes saying your an Admin - ONLY ~cKs~ have Admin rights.

٠ Do not complain about "Item <x>" in the game.  The developers chose their arsenal of weapons very carefully.  Respect that and not whine if you're killed by something you don't like. Single jumping around a corner or in the open is fine, hopping like a rabbit (more than one jump) is not.

٠ Watch your language.  We are a family-friendly, Christian server.  No one is perfect, and you will be warned.  But any excessive use of fowl language will earn you a kick to remind you.  Continuance of such language will earn you a ban. 

٠ Hand in hand with watching your language, obviously fowl names will not be tolerated either.  Some games autofilter names, but those don't will earn you an admin kick.

٠ "How can a Christian group support <insert game here> with killing in it?  - This comes up from some wizard every other week or so.  Take it to the forums if you really want to know.  Do NOT spam about in-game, upsetting your teammates with your idle/afk typing about this.  Most people that ask this just come looking to stir trouble up. If you REALLY want to know, post (or search) in the forums.  Of you continue to carry on about this in-game, you will earn a kick.

٠ AFK.  Ok, we all have our reasons, and we all go AFK from time to time.  Please follow these guidelines to ensure your team and fellow players don't make you their #1 target:

     - If you're going to be gone approx 1min or so (say, to get a drink/snack/phone) just let the players/team know.

     - If you're going to be gone for more than a few minutes (phone or otherwise) PLEASE drop to spectator.  You don't have to leave the game, but we ask you show common curtousy to the other players, which just might be relying on you.  Violators will be kicked.

٠ Improper comments in-game.  This should be covered the fowl language statement above, but just to make sure it's clear, racial and ethecial 'slurs' will not be tolerated.  You will be kicked immediately, possibly banned.

٠ As a result of a clanwide vote, as of 4-10-08 the M203 propelled grenade launcher is hereby considered banned from use in COD4. 


If you are kicked, you are still welcome to come back.  There will be a time-based forced waiting period (in most games), but a kick is just our way of reminding you that you are breaking rules and it's allowed.

If you are banned, it means you've shown us a more serious lack of respect to abide by the rules.  You are welcome to come into our forums (under the banned category) and discuss this if you feel you were wrongly banned.  Please have the date, game, your in-game name, and circumstances.  Additionally, please note that some games will "tempban" you if you are kicked enough times.  A tempban is similar to a kick in that after a period of time (30min-1day) it will reset itself and you'll able to get back on.  A "regular" ban, or permaban will last indefinately.

If you have any questoins regarding these rules, you are welcome to take it up in the forums.